Tokyo: We Are Finally Here!

After an 11 hour flight (in which Jo knocked an entire cup of orange juice into her lap: standard),  a 3 hour lay-over in Hong Kong International Airport, and a 4 hour flight to Tokyo Haneda Airport (during which Jo knocked an entire cup of water into her lap, seriously), we are finally in Tokyo.

Now for some much needed sleep…..after trying every button on our hotel toilet.

7 thoughts on “Tokyo: We Are Finally Here!

  1. Hey guys!! I’ve never been on a blog, I’m not cool enough!!- does this message go to you!? I hope you are having a great time! Your toilet sounds fun! Alex x


  2. Hi Happy Birthday Jo,

    Been reading your blog ,sounds very interesting, hope you both enjoy your 2 weeks at OKAYAMA.

    love from Grandma xxxxx

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