5 Weird Things You Can Buy in Tokyo


We’ve been in Tokyo for about at week now, and our camera rolls are already jam-packed with photos, not only of our regular sightseeing trips, but also of some of the crazy things being sold in supermarkets, on stalls and even in sex shops. Here’s a run down our our favourite (so far)…


1. Massive food key rings

We found these being sold on a stall in Harajuku, home of everything kitsch and cute. This picture doesn’t really do justice to the size of these, but, to give you an idea, the croissant is the size of an actual croissant. I genuinely can’t fathom why you would want a massive rubber baguette attached to your keys, but in Harajuku anything goes and, hey, it would be harder to lose them that’s for sure!

2. Fake Eye Contacts

Also popular in Harajuku! Some young Japanese people like to wear these to make their irises appear larger, much like that of an anime character. It’s a pretty interesting and striking fashion choice; we certainly found ourselves doing double-takes when larger-than-life eyes glanced in our direction.

3. This Giant Dried Squid

Kind of wished we bought this. Like, do you just eat it straight from the packet? No idea. More research is needed.

4. A Prawn Travel Pillow

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to get to sleep on a plane but your pillow doesn’t give you enough neck support? And, also, isn’t a prawn? We’ve all been there, but have no fear, Tokyo has the answers to all your seafood slumber sorrows!

5. Cat Tail Butt Plug

Last but not least! We found this in a seven storey sex shop in Akihabara. The clientele were mostly giggly tourists and awkward looking locals. This was one of our favourite finds (there were many to choose from). I mean, we knew the Japanese like cats, but….this?!

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