Natural Wonders of Arizona



Imagine an old western movie: deserts, cactus, tumbleweed, and then update the saloons with malls and universities, and the Cowboys with Trump fanatics (…some things haven’t updated), this description crudely sums up Arizona. It is hot; dry, stifling, ghost town-inducing hot. It is sparse. And, most importantly, it is beautiful. There is so much natural beauty in Arizona, it has been -to our surprise- one of our favourite states in the west. Here’s a little run down of our exploration of this wild state…

Antelope Canyon

Located on a Navajo reservation in the small town of Page, this is one of the most beautiful sights Arizona has to offer. You will arrive at the entrance to the canyon after an extremely bumpy (seriously, hold on for dear life) jeep ride through the dusty desert (you can only reach the canyon by a Navajo approved tour bus). After tending to your whiplash and bruises, you will wander through its windy red chasms, open-mouthed, in awe of its beauty. Just take a look at some of the photos, they speak for themselves:

Cliff Dwellers

This was a bonus! We stumbled across this site on the way to Antelope Canyon. It’s basically a bunch of rocks eroded in gravity-defying ways. If you drive to Page from Zion, you’ll probably drive right past it. It’s definitely worth pulling over and having a wander!

Grand Canyon National Park

As cliched as it sounds, the Grand Canyon is just one of those things you need to see to believe. Even the photos don’t do it justice. If you don’t enjoy feeling like a tiny speck of human insignificance next to the awesome power of the earth, maybe give this one a miss. It’s big. Like, really big.

Saguaro Natitonal Park

In our opinion, this is one of the most underrated national parks. The landscape is so quintessentially ‘wild west’ it feels like you’re on a movie set. Picture burnt red desert chockablock with saguaro cacti, which by the way, are huge. It’s kind of like a forest except instead of trees, there’s cacti, which offer no shade from the 40+° sun. Bring all the water you can carry and try not to get lost- all the cacti start looking the same after a while.

Honourable mention:

If you fancy getting naked and meditating for a while, head to the town of Sedona. Many believe it is home to vortexes, which are powerful conduits of energy. But whether you go for this sort of thing or not, Sedona is an interesting town, and worth a visit.
The beauty of Arizona has really stuck with us. If you can stand the heat, go. If you can’t stand the heat, go anyway. It’s worth it, we promise.

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