Nous aimons Québec 

First of all apologies for the irregular updates. Since being in the US we’ve spent far more time driving from place to place with quick turnarounds and infrequent/inconvenient internet. Not an environment that’s conducive to blogging. 
But at this moment we have internet, and time, so here’s a quick run-down of our last few weeks:

After leaving our workaway in Vermont we travelled back to Massachusetts ready for Halloween in Salem. This was everything we expected and more. Worthy of a blogpost in itself (watch this space). 

We then blasted our way down to Washington DC, saw more museums, landmarks and government buildings than we thought possible and then witnessed more states vote for Trump than we thought possible. 

Coincidentally, the next day we made a dash for Canada via upstate New York. After stopping at Niagara Falls and making a quick family visit in London (Ontario), we pushed further North to Ottawa then Montreal. Both lively cities with lots to see. 
Finally we reached Québéc. Possibly our favourite city in Canada so far. Maybe because it feels a bit closer to home. With its older stone architecture and French speaking inhabitants we were temporarily transported back to Europe. 
So there we are. Tomorrow we start crawling our way South through Maine in an effort to reach Boston before thanksgiving. Lighthouses and lobster await. 

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